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ATA Spec2000 RFID

Our total RFID solutions are engineered to help your organization manage its asset tracking needs as well as ATA Spec 2000 RFID requirements. From total solutions integration to sourcing low or high memory tags, we've got you covered. READ MORE »

IUID Systems Integration

Learn how to improve IUID compliance. Our exceptional IUID systems integration skills are best focused on providing comprehensive solutions that begin with the mark, or IUID, and follow through the entire production process full circle. READ MORE »

Intelligent Scanners

Our intelligent scanners feature a revolutionary software enhancement that enables a selection of barcode scanners to operate in multiple data output modes - including UID conversion and IUID validation, among others. READ MORE »

RFID Asset Tracking

Learn more about how active RFID makes asset tracking more affordable than ever! Eliminate expensive infrastructure for smart manufacturing, RFID location tracking, and more! READ MORE >> READ MORE »

ID Integration Approaches Twelfth Anniversary of U.S. Army Chinook IUID
Support & Provides Demo at AIT in DOD Symposium in Virginia

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Congressman Rick Larsen visited ID Integration President, Gary Moe, on September 1, 2010. Rep. Larsen is on the House Armed Services Committee and is a supporter of the IUID policy.

A Letter from the President & Founder, Gary Moe

Welcome to ID Integration, Inc.

We are your experienced, full service DoD MIL Spec and ATA Spec 2000 systems integrator. With over 20 years of wisdom in elaborate compliance applications, we assist companies in integrating solutions and processes designed to achieve the high standards required for automated production that's compatible with today's complex U.S. Department of Defense, NATO, and the United Kingdom's Ministry of Defense standards. Our team works hard to assist companies seeking stringent specifications for meeting aerospace traceability requirements, NASA technical standards, and even ISO certification.

Whether you're searching for applications requiring the use of direct part marking, 2D Data Matrix barcode marking or reading, automated data collection or RFID technology, you're certain to find the best answers from our team of practiced manufacturing gurus. In our business, we understand that everyone can benefit from substantial technical innovations. That's why we also provide a selection of proven turnkey systems for parts marking and verification that are compliant with today's most stringent standards. Trust in the seasoned professionals at ID, Integration, Inc. for guidance on the most basic or challenging IUID (UID) applications, 2D Data Matrix IUID scanners and verifiers for meeting MIL-STD-129P/MIL-STD-130 requirements.

Browse around our newly-designed website to learn more about how our solutions and products help businesses, like yours, to succeed.